Mountain High Cabin Care


We perform three (or more) PERIODIC INSPECTIONS of your property per month, both interior and exterior.  During these visits, we will check for evidence of burglary, vandalism, or any other visible damage.  If any problems are found, we will contact you immediately and make necessary arrangements for repair, contact insurance, or police, if need be.   If you have an alarm system, we will respond to one alarm per month as your key holder, each additional response will incur an additional trip fee.

Additionally, we offer a HOME SECURITY EVALUATION.  This involves a walk through and around your property.  Afterwords we provide a detailed report of recommendations to make your property as safe as it can be.   This allows you to take advantage of my 20+ years of law enforcement experience.

If you were to lose your property to fire, theft, or vandalism would you be able to advise the authorities of the content and condition of your property prior to such an incident?  With our VIDEO DIARY you could, with not only a DVD but also a list of valuable serial numbers off of high-end electronic items.   Our video dairy will document the condition and contents of the interior and exterior of your property.   You will be provided with a copy of the DVD and list for your personal records.  For your benefit we will keep a copy in our office as well.

If you have never been victimized, count your blessings!  Why not err on the side of caution?  Be prepared for the unexpected.

3 Periodic Inspections per Month
Home Security Evaluation
Video Diary

  3 Periodic Inspections per Month

Home Security Evaluation
Video Diary

**Call for more details on the above packages**

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